Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UU Living Legacy Pilgramage

A Unitarian Universalist Civil Rights Pilgrimage. It begins and ends in Birmingham, Alabama, and will include stops in Marion, Selma, and Montgomery, Alabama, as well as Meridian and Philadelphia, Mississippi. Details of the this pilgramage can be found at http://www.uulivinglegacy.org/.

Five members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Beaufort (SC) will join 35 other souls on the Living Legacy Pilgramage beginning February 11. We will be posting our impressions along the way.


  1. This trip was billed as a life changing experience. Skeptical of this, I began my reading for our upcoming civil rights. I find my self in disbelief and saddened of all that occurred during my teen years that I was so unaware of. Whether by choice(protective mode) or just being a self-absorbed teen, I’m not sure, but I am sure that my way of thinking about the civil rights era has changed. After reading about Ala., and Miss. I decided to go ahead and read what was going on in my home state of S.C. and ponder about being raised in a house with 3 caretakers who were African Americans. I don’t remember if they voted or even registered to vote at that time.but I wonder what they thought about their civil rights orif they dared to speak out loud about them. I do know that I loved them deeply. May I can begin to know them now. sam

  2. This civil rights tour that will take us back in time to places where I was born, attended college, practice taught, and lived most of my young life, could prove to be a life changing experience. Now, a woman in my 50's and living in this country who elected its first African American as President of the United States, I will tread these civil rights steps with an open mind and heart and with honor to those lives lost in the struggle for civil rights. I am very grateful and feel privileged to be a participant on this pilgrimage. I'm looking foward to what memories are brought up for me and what insights I will learn.