Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From Sam: Thr Fellowship Five(as we've been dubbed)arrived safely in Birmingham and spent thr evening with great friends recalling moments of our lives during the sixties in the segregated south. The stories told around the table were powerful. I wish we had recorded the conversation. One story that i recalled was a time just after i got my driver's license. Excited to be driving, i looked for any excuse to run an errand. I headed to the pharmacy to pick up something and decided to bring back a 5 cent cherry coke for Narseal and Frances, two African Americans working in our household. I was so happy to present them with their cokes until my mother came in and took the cokes away and told me never to so that again. I was horrified to say the least for myself, but also for Narseal and Frances. The shock and embarrassment of it left and indelible mark on my herart. I really didnt understand where this was coming from since it seem to me that these women who had been working in out household over 14 years at the time were surely part of our family.

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